Armament technician

Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/02/28 10:32:47 Expires 2024-04-28 Ref: JB1100044167

Job Description

Tasks and duties :

1. Providing advice on technical problems Helicopter repair and maintenance.
2. Solve the problems of maintenance and proper operation of the necessary components and
parts of the system.
3. Decides the correct procedures necessary to repair the rolled arming equipment .
4. Diagnosing recurrent malfunctions and taking the correct measures before starting the repair
and preparing material reports and necessities missing.
5. Decides the extent of the need to dismantle, repair or replace the aircraft parts in order to
complete the work.
6. Repair of inspection malfunctions such as the Helicopter machine gun, launch aids, missile
carrier and devices control.
7. Inspection of the Helicopter and determining the type of inspection it needs.
8. Prepare the reports of the necessary materials missing.
9. Evaluates the individual’s performance.
10. Manages and monitors training programs.
11. Trains the personnel to use Air Force manuals and kits.
12. Trains personnel at all levels of trainings (Levels 3, 5 ,7 and 9)



1. Holds certificates in the same specialty on helicopters type (Cougar).
2. Has knowledge in the basics of mechanical engineering, fluids, electricity and wiring of helicopters and has familiarity with the internal parts of the aircraft and its connections, which leads to the operation, loading downloading and firing of weapons in addition to the foundations of safety.
3. Graduated from military or an equivalent civilian institute.
4. Attained the 12 educational level or above.
5. Proficiency in the English language spoken and written with minimum grade 85%.


Experiences and Courses:

1. Have experience not less than (10) years in the specialty of Cougar helicopters.
2. Must have practiced the same major in the last three (3) years.
3. The ability to specify the type of maintenance required by a particular part of the armament system that the helicopters needs.
4. Able to interpret technical drawings of the helicopter armament system extensions.
5. Able to decide what kind of maintenance is required to repair faulty parts of the helicopter.
6. Has an advanced courses in the same specialization.

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Job Details

Job Location Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Maintenance, Repair, and Technician
Employment Type Full Time Employee

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 10
Degree Diploma

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